"John Doyle" (Retired) San Jose Earthquakes Team Captain-5-Years.

1996 MLS Defender of the Year, 1990 World Cup Starter, 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.

John got his first pair of our goals in 2002. After using them for a couple of weeks, he came back asking, "When can I get 10 more"?  John is currently employed as the Technical Director for Mustang Soccer League in Danville, California. The league has about 5,000 kids playing in it, and he is responsible for the instructional clinics that the league runs.  He immediately saw the value of these goals for players at any age or skill level. 

John has told us that he has seen or played with just about everything that is out there, and he is convinced that nothing compares to the ease of use, and durability that you get with these goals. He believes that it is absolutely essential to practice with goals and nets, and most of the practice drills that he runs can be done without taking the time and manpower to set up full size goals with nets. With a little imagination, any coach can look like he has been doing it for years, and your players will respond better to a coach who has a practice plan with some goals for them to shoot at.

Here are just a few of the thing that John Doyle has been kind enough to say about:

Goal on the Go...! 

"It takes about a minute to set up a pair of these goals, and you are able to start playing".

"I have used these goals under the most demanding conditions for a year now, and have never seen a goal get broken".

"I never have to stake them down, and that allows me to change or modify from one drill to the next in no time at all".

"The whole goal and net come together in one piece, so you can't lose anything or leave it out on the field".